ROOFSEAL is a unique composite that creates a bond that is resistant to ultraviolet light and abrasion.

ROOFSEAL is elastic and can stretch and move with a variety of materials that it is used on.

ROOFSEAL is an effective sealer on:

  • concrete
  • bricks
  • galvanized steel (corrugated)
  • asbestos
  • asphalt
  • wood
  • and several other synthetic products

ROOFSEAL can be used with or without normal membrane.  Membrane is essential when sealing two materials with different expansion rates.

ROOFSEAL can also be used to seal dams, pools and canals, even on compacted earth.

ROOFSEAL is a cost effective replacement for damp course on brick walls and floors.


To view or download the full ROOFSEAL Data Sheet PDF, click ROADCHEM-ROOFSEAL-1-page