Crack Seal

Cracks in roads mostly form as a result of underlying movement of the road surface due to water seepage. Most hot crack sealers on the market do not penetrate deep enough to effectively seal cracks. ROADCHEM cold deep penetrating crack sealer is most effective in addressing problems with asphalt cracking in roads, parking areas and driveways.



  • Penetrates cracks right down into the base, thus completely filling the cracked area with sealant.
  • Ensures that water is effectively blocked off from above as well as from below.
  • Applied by hand, thus labour intensive, and labour effective.
  • Requires a watering can for the application of the product. No expensive heating equipment is required
  • Is quick drying, resulting in minimal traffic disruption.
  • Is durable, being manufactured using a high abrasive resistance filler material that sticks to the sidewall of cracks, but remains elastic.
  • Is packed in 20 litre drums for easy transport and usage.

To view or download the full Crack Seal Data Sheet PDF, click data-sheet-crack-sealer